Sunday, January 03, 2021

Your mouth the sky

 Your mouth is the sky, and your teeth are stars 

I reach out with my tongue like a child who has no strength to resist and gaze 

upon the depth and the beauty of the night. 

You lift your legs to the sky and expose the sun 

I enter it. 

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

The stars are blind

Behold the night sky
nestling stars
and look upon this
earth of many
extraordinary eyes,

Many search for love,
but they don't find it.
Lately it only seems to
rain heart break
and the onlookers
are flooded with starlight
and tears.

The stars are blind
to the beauty of the eyes
that look upon them.

So are the people who think
that they are in love.

Monday, June 08, 2020

Pastel Blue

The sky is a subject that's always been
so easy to write about. Within the endless comfort
of pastel blue,
I found that there was something
so beautiful hidden within the clouds
A warm hopeful feeling. 

Not like love, love is difficult,
specially when it's young, inexperienced,
and the hearts that hold it are ever changing,

12 Poems

I didn't have 12 poems for you,
I couldn't write them for you then,
I didn't know anything about love,
I thought you didn't know either.

I tried several times, and never did finish.

I don't have 12 poems for you,
nor for my dreams,
I tried to write them
a few years go, and that was
all in vain,

June 2020 - About The Past

It has been 17 years now since the incident that left me depressed & completely and utterly lost. Since then, not a day has gone by that I didn't look back to who I was, or rather who I think that I would've become if that incident didn't happen. There's always some feeling of blame - If that didn't happen and I would be this - but that's not the case, if that didn't happen to me, things could have gone worse, perhaps I would not be here today.

These past few days feels like I've been given some clarity by the universe. I feel that I have been= finally set free from chains of the past. I can finally say that I regret nothing. I know 17 years and I've only accepted my fate now.

Now I choose to be in the present. I will not forget the past, I am the past and my past was beautiful. Now I choose to live, I choose to take hold of my life and drive it to the direction that I want it to be. For what it's worth, this pandemic has given me clarity in life. And I hope that it has given other people that as well.

My immediate goals in life are very clear. Step 1 is financial freedom - it doesn't matter how long it takes 3 years - 5 years. From there I know life will open up.

Sunday, April 05, 2020

Playing Magic: The Gathering amidst the Quarantine

by: MTGjaytee

We are a bunch of regular casual players at your old local game shop. Doing magic things, meeting up and grabbing take a way food. You'd find us at Grey Ogre Games every Friday night playing and test-playing our freshly brewed standard decks.

We've always enjoyed the banter - mostly dissing each other’s home brews and even with the rise of Magic: The Gathering Arena last year we've never missed coming to our local game shop (LGS) for some Friday Night Magic (FNM).

However, given the recent situation meeting physically had recently come to a full stop, my friends and I have now been stuck working from home for exactly 3 weeks now. The physical banter may have stopped, but the quarantine caused by the COVID-19 virus has not stopped us from doing what we love – playing Magic: The Gathering.

So while salivating about the new set: Ikoria release  – I’m very happy and excited to share that we’ve just finished our 3rd Magic: The Gathering Arena tournament - virtual reality style! On the first week that the FNM was cancelled 4 of us decided to download the MTG companion app. Our LGS was still selling the FNM packs for the same entry fee, so we had gone down and bought the packs a few days before – and then finally Friday came!

First, we created a Whatsapp group – and then one of us hosted the event through the MTG Companion app  – super easy you just need to enter the code provided by the app that my friend sent to the rest of the group. And you just input that in your own app, and once everyone's joined with one click – Round 1 pairings were up. After 3 rounds we finished the game and decide to open the packs we bought from the LGS via ZOOM.

On the second week (Friday night!) – another LGS decided to host an FNM via MTGMelee – this time we were 32 players. The experience was great as well! We were able to battle it out to other players who you didn’t actually know and it was facilitated via platform.

The Saturday after the FNM – we did a standard showdown and yet again used the MTG companion app – I noticed we were getting better at this and our virtual group was getting bigger, there were 6 players now!

User Interface 

I found that the MTG companion app for anything unofficial it was super easy to use, you just need to provide a code and any player can join!

You can then see sample pairings here:

What about the prizes?

What we usually do is basically open everything – we then go via our standings and the player with the highest standing gets to pick first, then 2nd highest players goes next and so on. Our pile below:

As someone who's pretty old school, I feel that paper Magic is still the ultimate experience - and being to acquire the actual physical cards is at the apex. However given the situation - we are on to our next FNM virtual style! Please do comment reach out if you would like to join one of our sessions! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Flight to Athens

Your airplane's leaving
leaving for Greece,
You messaged me to say
you were leaving me,
I tried to call you, but you said
you were in the plane
You tried to call me, I said
I was in the bus, and you ended it,
5 years over Whatsapp,
Now, there's 15 days left till you land
but I know you are never coming back.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

To the middle class

Someone should really criticize the Philippine middle class who always blow up on social media on every crass remark in the senate or even by the president.

It is as if any dumb remark from politicians is still unexpected, as is if we are living the perfect up right lives and are able to fend of the temptations of being in power, as if we actually actively do our part in nation building. Instead we resort to cheap social post that only seeks to judge the 'disgusting' elected senator, who has mastery over the minds of the masses.

No, the middle class seeks only to validate its own perspective in social media.

It's own collective angry and hopeless egos . Envious of the senator who sits in power despite of it all.

The Philippine working middle class has forgotten to show solidarity with the poor. Where were they during Labor Day? where was the middle class during Ondoy, or during disasters?

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Recently I've been discovering hidden gems in Netflix here's my top 10:

1. 10 year plan - story of old friends turned lovers
2. Garden of words - story of new friends (cougar and a teen) turned lovers
3. RuPaul's Drag Race - story of drag queens
4. Shannara Chronicles - story about elves and druids
5. Chef's table
6. TBC