Sunday, May 01, 2016

Poem 3 | June Drips Modified | Optimized

the blue
that the
sky is
all hearts
and that
the space
sand, skies and
exhaled the
heat of summer,
and the horizon
all hearts
into love
and love
cradled many hearts
like how the sky
held the stars
just like, how
courgeously falling stars fall
and how rains unwillingly
brew into a storm
June’s tempest had
turned our romantic
summer sky
a pouring
torrential rain
and May, with
a heart utterly drenched,
had to, without regret

Poem 2 | Recurring | Feb 19 | Filipino Poetry

You travel through fields
of ripening stars
And I am the still night
instantly destroyed 
by your beautiful dawning,
You are a mountain emerging
as you approach your
face closer to mine,
Your perfect slopes
rest at my shoulders and
take apart the foundations
of my perceptions
And as you held my hand
inside your car, it was as if,
you were holding my breath
like your own,
And it was,
as if I saw the sun
reflected in the sea
for the first time in your eyes.

Poem 1 | 2 years | 01 MAY

2 years

Our skins collided noisily under the sheets that wrapped our feet together and your foot woke me up today - Randomly I felt like it was a day in the beach

Where I imagined your eyes were set
And as always your arms, afixed to the horizons of my elbows
unhinged me from my restlessness,

And the waves brought ashore the many things we planned to do, from riding hot air balloons to decorating our flat and possibly adopting a cat

But most importantly what that day brought was a strong thought that overcame my doubts and desires

The one thought that arose - reminded myself that I am happy with you
wrapped around me every morning
and that being with you is one of the few things I am really good at.

Happy 2 years mahal.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Poem 0 | Fragmented and Whole | In Progress

These faces I see in my dreams
are familiar and temporary,
Like the ones I see in reality,
in my mind during waking hours,
the far and the dead.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Further, Dad

Further - not beyond hope,
are gleaming eyes of a child.
Left in this world to fight,
untold troubles and woes.

Beyond his touch and gaze
but closer to his mind
he recalls his father's lore
and seizes starlight.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Journal Entry 1

Firstly, on superficial things tied into or tangled with existential musings and mild depression.

1. I really want to lose the fat. I know exactly what to do but I am somehow handicapped. Unable to muster the force of will to decide to not eat at night. There has to be a better strategy a better way to cope with stress and a better way to deal with this. I have some food supplements that I should just throw out or sell. They are confusing me from finding the super food that I am meant to eat.

2. I really want to have savings. But fate or has something else in mind.

Secondly on strengthening the mind.

1. Can I do this just by strengthening the body? By listening to meditation podcasts? by reading a book?

2. Prayers and going to church has recently HELPED a lot. I felt my spirits lifted? Is this what they call the holy spirit?

Third is time.

Lastly, I would never be able to articulate this grain of thought that is growing in my mind. It's not that reality is shattered. The concepts of reality have revealed themselves and the fundamental question that is why can never be answered.

Saturday, August 09, 2014


Tayo ay naka higa
parang pusang matamlay
na naghihintay
sa pagsikat ng araw.

Huwag kang pipikit
sapagkat malapit na
ang tamang oras

na maiugnay mo
ang mga kaganapan
sa paligid, sa
iyong sarili,

ang mga naririnig mo
sa mga kwento at balita,
nakikita mo sa mga
bugtong hininga

tumayo ka at
Harapin mo
ang iyong sarili

Naka higa tayo na parang mga pusang kalye.

hinihintay bumagal ang oras o magbago ito, hinihintay magkaroon ng lakas.

at bumalik sa tamang


Saturday, June 21, 2014

#29 Suddenly

I was not prepared with the suddenness of our relationship, 

It's just like how rainbows form across the sky, instantly gigantic and magnificent. 

And you are sprawling brilliantly across my life. . 

Sunday, March 02, 2014

No one knows how difficult it is for gay guys to find romance. The values are skewed