Sunday, February 24, 2013

Letter 1: To Pat "My 2013"

Dear Patrick,

You recently asked my how I am, well for your candid information, I wouldn't want to be in any place right now except maybe healthier and richer. :) I am in fact quite content about life at this very moment. But there are bad moments too, and it could be better and I am moving towards that better place, or the way it was before....

You know, all I need is an awesome good year, just one MOFO amazing year!. To recover from 2012 and the financial blow it dealt and to rid me of all the health issues I've been facing, good thing that none of which are life threatening.

Anyway actually all my "eggs are in this one basket of a year" - 2013. After turning down and being turned down on several applications last year and early this year, a roller coaster ride of emotions. I am finally at the cusp of leaping forward 10 steps in my career and my financial status along with it.

Hopefully, and I pray, that it materializes because God knows I need this.

On other matters, suddenly there now dreams of going to Europe when there were none, there are also these dreams of still getting back with CN. I get this every two weeks or once a week and I don't mind. Even if I think there's an opportunity for romance. Someone is unknowingly tugging at my heart or at least the place where my heart used to be.
Anyway "summer" is almost around and I've yet to lose the weight, and submit the poetry collection to Palanca, that goal setting exercise we had at the agency was a sudden reminder.

Maybe you should submit your proses or something.

See you soon after a year or something,


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Poem 126: Tapos

May nag uusap lang sa tabi,
tungkol sa volley ball.

Yung hilig mo panoorin.

Tapos naalala kita.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Poem 127: A guy like Neal

Where to find a guy like Neal?


I've never played DOTA 1. 

Prose 1: Thoughts on Us

I still feel a bit sad whenever I think about us, how far we are from each other even though you are just 10 minutes away. And If I can't write about it or this is just one of the few times I am writing about us, it's a good thing I have people to talk to about it. To express and vent about it.I don't understand why you the love of my life and me supposedly the love of yours can't even do this friends. Are you so far in accepting yourself? or is it me?

I can't grasp what is going on in your life that you can easily so discard me. Was I too cruel? will you never talk to me again? I need to understand, but if we never talk about it. I'm afraid I will harbor this resentment of you and it will grow as time goes by. If you never agree to this, this taste of bitterness will get stronger.

Sometimes the hardest thing is to hope for love, and this hope has almost completely faded and it is at its hardest.

Truly you must believe, I can love you with only the hope for friendship.