Saturday, July 27, 2013

Singapore & The Philippines

After my Aikido class (used weapons today), I went to the nearest hawker to my place to have brunch. I've only been in Singapore for a little over 2 months now and I must say this country has suddenly become very dear to me. It shines as a beacon of hope for the whole ASEAN. The people are generally very nice or they know how to be nice.

I really didn't notice but I was sitting beside an old couple, and I was clutching my bag while eating. I guess the old lady, probably around her 60s asked me why I didn't place my bag in the seat next to me. I said to her, because someone might sit on it... but after realizing that... there's no harm in doing I put my bag down.

So she asked me where I was from, and that started a discussion about Singapore and the Philippines with her and her husband.

It wasn't the first time I heard on how advanced the Philippines was back in the '60s and that the rest of the ASEAN nation was looking up to the country I call home. And it wasn't the first time I came across a Singaporean who had a Filipina for a maid either.

We discussed why the Philippines was so stagnant now.. why it fell behind and he said that we needed a stronger economy to change... my country men were nice, intelligent etc. I said I don't think the Philippines had it in their hearts the drive to move forward, we are quite content with the country, the old man Roland  said that that we might wake up one day, when it's all too late.

He said it was easy for Singapore to change, because they were so small... I thought to myself afterwards yes indeed the country is small, but this country is also so big in many ways.

In the end our conclusion was that there is stirring for change in the Philippines a small one..  but let's hope that small glimmer of hope pushes my country men forward.

Singapore is a wonderful gift to the ASEAN. Suddenly these two countries have become so dear to me.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Mwah (mwwahhhhh)

I gotta stop this but I don't know how. I can't deny myself the opportunity of feeling good.  Specially now that I'm alone it's harder. And you never gave me much to hang on to. Unfortunately I'm subject to feeling what my body telling me to feel... and it affects my psyche my mood... which I think in the long run becomes my personality.

I need more than a text message with a mwaaaah in it. I need you to ask me how I am. To ask how I was during the haze. I need a bit more to hang on to.