Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Poor

I was in bathroom taking a bath, when thoughts about life consumed me. I thought about how lucky i am, still, despite everything, then i thought about the poor people who live in the streets, and how better their lives could be,

we only get one life, one cycle maybe, or maybe not, if theres a next cycle and my conscious mind would awake in a different body... i mean if i were in their shoes, i can't really imagine, i guess whet i'm really trying to get at is that, our society somehow limits them, and i guess i'd like to really work to give them a better life.

Maybe this could be a career path i want to explore...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Alas Otso


Ang aking kasiyahan,

At naBUBUO lamang
Tuwing ang aking
Sa aming

Ng mmm-aga.

Friday, April 16, 2010


I woke up feeling, somehow my dreams were taken away, I feel devoid of a sense of a direction, maybe it's just the medicine i've been taking lately, i've been taking too many lately. Just to name a few, Decolgen, Xyzal, prednisone.I have to douch Phisomer saline solution. and that's just tip of the iceberg, i've taken, claritin, claricort?, spray Azep, potassium citrate, more prednisone... Maybe i'd try to remember all meds in a different blog, I feel that my dreams, have slipped away. I have no motivation. despite for wanting a few material things and the desire to win a palanca award. I feel that I'm not really where i'm supposed to be, but i don't even know where i'm really supposed to. It isn't that i'm unhappy or anything, infact, despite the lack of motivation and the chaotic house renovation i'm really really grateful.

I pray, that I find myself. Soon I hope.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


(an old post from garnetskies.blogspot(nostalgic fever))

Are you certain you love someone? How about your parents or your siblings? do you really love them?

These are the questions floating in my head, am i actually loved? (maybe my family is different than yours maybe you are luckier)

Have you given it much thought? I think that in life, there comes a point where you realize that you do love them, and if not maybe its time to try. Because I believe that its pointless to live a life without love. :)

She's living her life now, after enduring so much trouble, pain and regret.

After losing many of her years to motherhood, she's just starting to find herself.

After working for so long and hard in an insurance company.

After keeping together a family...

To look at her now just lifts me up. I feel proud for my mom for being able to be finally happy and for being able to live her life how she wants it.

I love my mom.

Ode to a bedroom fly

Oh black fly buzzing, landing on my face
(Your'e a bit too fast
for my hand to catch.)
why don't you just get the hell of
my fucking space!

Check mate! the black queen shouts,
She gives me no escape.
I am trapped in my room.
I yield to the power of the black fly
I concede.

Out of Place

I feel that i need to get out of the many places I am in now. Let's start at home, our house is under renovation, it's dusty, noisy, and chaotic, I wish I had my own secret hideaway. Maybe I just have to wait for the construction to finish or find a place of my own. but its not so easy, i just came from a nasal surgery because of an allergy case gone haywire, so if i stay, id have to deal with having a clogged nose for a prolonged period of time, again. Well i cant really find a place of my own. because well simple put, I can't afford it.

At work, i'm pretty sure no one from the office reads my blog, but heck yeah, i feel the pressure of work getting to me, i shall not elaborate,but basically its a roller coaster ride everyday, basically its about winning and losing... i should really focus on getting things done faster, maybe i really need a rest from the emotionality of it all, it really just drains me.

From myself, slowly i'm getting better i think. in terms of health, etc. but again there are just emotions that won't completely drown. emotions for certain people that keep resurfacing, and i'm exhauseted. emotionally this time. I feel that i am lost to many of these problems.

It seems easy enough to just walk away from it all, if only i had the gust, i would pack my bags and go to a place where i can find myself,

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Some thoughts

I just thought that what if the entire human race left earth for maybe 1 hour. I think that would let the earth breathe. Give it the hour that it deserves. This would be a nice plot for a movie I guess. Also a story told from a lover's point of view, 30 years after meeting his girlfriend. I think that's also a good plot.

Maybe I just watched too much sci-fi movies like the chronicles of riddick. It was really entertaining.