Sunday, May 07, 2017

To the middle class

Someone should really criticize the Philippine middle class who always blow up on social media on every crass remark in the senate or even by the president.

It is as if any dumb remark from politicians is still unexpected, as is if we are living the perfect up right lives and are able to fend of the temptations of being in power, as if we actually actively do our part in nation building. Instead we resort to cheap social post that only seeks to judge the 'disgusting' elected senator, who has mastery over the minds of the masses.

No, the middle class seeks only to validate its own perspective in social media.

It's own collective angry and hopeless egos . Envious of the senator who sits in power despite of it all.

The Philippine working middle class has forgotten to show solidarity with the poor. Where were they during Labor Day? where was the middle class during Ondoy, or during disasters?