Saturday, December 31, 2005

Love Poem 2

Your Music

its your music that lingers with me
flows through me back

to not so long ago
i never listened to it
but as it plays

it brings the love back not
all but some of it

tears begin to form
sorrow envelops me because no matter
how hard i try to summon whole

the love we used to share
it just wouldnt anymore

song after song plays then
as it ends the feelings disappear
i play them again
your music
but it just would'nt play the feelings anymore.

Love Poem 1

Love series


a gnawing thought more than us
eating my bones breaking me cell after cell
after cell

Piecing together a dramatic and confused

one part hurting
another longing
mostly crying

wholely in love.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The shadow

the tiny shadow of a fleeting black butterfly that is,
the world to me

insignificant, pure and impure thoughts of dying and meeting my flame engulf me
like crashing to a candle weakly burning
striking me

my cocoon is rotten and they do not see me for what i am truly
because i have left my cocoon
and what is left is a shadow of a burning black butterfly

thanks to eunice
i think id rather choose to go up than to dig deeper