Sunday, December 11, 2011

95:For Cecile

You're a sight to see.
Not a phantom, but a grail.
Real and harmonic.
You vibrate with joy.
And your eyes are filled with it.
You're a sight to see.
Like a star when I look up to the sky,
just before I sleep.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

94: The BS song


I was planning on moving on,
but then i got drunk...
after the break up...
you said you're the kind of person who
really truly deeply loved me ooh
I really thought it was
b b bitter sweet,
and I thought maybe
I could hang on.

Until I got so drunk, again,
and asked you out
but you said you were busy
and bitter sweat became
bi bi bitter..butter shweat

I realized that, with beer ofcourse
unlike everyone else
who used this line
"I hope we can be friends and you'll
always be a part of my life"
you had more BS in you,
because you had the nerve to say it,
and nothing else.
Until I got so drunk, again,
and asked you out
but you said you were busy
and bitter sweat became
bi bi bitter..butter shweat

Now, I think what you said was just all BS, just bull shit.

This boy

This boy

This boy believes in the possibility
that at any given time any human being
can fall inlove with another human being

don't matter if they have 5 eyes,
or a broken set of wings,
or tattered jeans that looks so baduy

This boy believes that
he is inlove with you
another being, which happens
to be a boy

This boy currently believes unlike
some of his friends that
you are "the one" that he would like
to spend a lot of sunshiny and rainy days
in the fields or under the sheets with

This boy will patiently
and earnestly wait for the day
untill he can hold your, his ex-boyfriend's, hand again.

Because this boy is so inlove, and everythying else
is but an unimportant fragment of his world.

Non-Practicing Friends

Non-Practicing Friends


I was supposed to write about us being,

but sometimes my comprehension goes out

and everything else follows,

suddenly everything else seems to just happen in my mind

while unreading stuff...and contemplating on the weight of my left eye...

While everthing else is happening and going haywire,

you do not even spend a tiny amount of your oh so precious time

most of the time spent in agonizing about what, you never told me

so my assumption is you spend most of your time thinking about nothing,


Technically no one can ever really know what goes on

in each of our minds, but for the love of, say what you mean,

or at leaset don't lead me to expect...

so that at least I know that I haven't had a realationship with

a zombie for the past 2 years.