Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Majority vs the Broader View

The collective mind set is the most dangerous thing for the minority. And as minority myself, the idea to defend myself or anyone else I can identify with seems to have taken it's roots in my subconscious.

A society will always have a majority and a minority. And the only defense against oppression or the mind setting of oppression is a broader view of things.

But there are many layers to an individual for example you can belong to the majority of male asian population. But you can be a minority if you are a foreigner. There seems to be a dominant mind set. That binds 1 layer of being a majority. 

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Thoughts: End April - May

a hole starts to form and tears start to collect i am not goin to cry even if tis filled, and someday i will build a dam to this all the emotions I feel the will to..

because sometime if you tell the truth no one will believe you.
you sometimes admit to the accusation to help people who can't, understand.

my mind is bound to freedom while other in death

Afternoons lasts for about 3 hours, 
I love to stare at the sky blue, 
it is comforting. 

but somedays 

I can't wait till the stars come out, 

they say that waiting has its merit, 

thay say patience is a virtue, but 

my mind has wandering legs and 

it drags my heart along with it. 

My awakening tested. 

After the confession he made, 

I'm afraid, which is a very good thing. 

Life seems nearer to the way it was, 

I'm moving forward, I'm grateful that I am moving forward.