Monday, May 07, 2007

The modern strings of life

The modern strings of life part 1

At present

imagine the man who spins his web
then imagine 7 billion weaving

Pick one man

look at the lines that hold him in place
sticky strings shoot out from his desire

not knowing

lines of luxury and dissociation
there are lines of friendship tested by the lines
of crisis
and unfamiliar lines that bind him nonetheless


strings pull his hands and feet
until those parts bleed


strings pull on so hard that we find him dead
decapitated by his own desires


woven strings
that fail him time and time and time again.

Monday, April 23, 2007

poem # 12

You cut through my heart like the lightning that shatters my window.
I wish your continued silence be bro ken like how the thunder
s_ a_ t_ r_ s
_h_ t_ e_ the night still.

I gasp at the thought as the thunderstorm clouds approach me.
I know the familiar dread it brings.

Unlike the rain, the storm clouds could never touch the ground.

It is sad for I don't know how to transofrm myself into the beads
that drown themselves upon you.

So it remains




set___________________________ a part
by the r