Wednesday, February 19, 2014

For Mars and Elena

There are two flowers in the heart of the desert. Their ivories buds crown the moon. And they shine in my life like water and my joy. It's time for them to bloom.

Katunog ng tugtog

For Michael again

You are an illusory candy.

A quay to the lost.

For Nicole

In love with you, I fell into the depths of my own madness.

Perched at the branches watching a mind so high, that the leaves of my dreams now entangle with the sky.

l took refuge into the ground sailed like the autumn leaves falling like the stars.

Deep into the ground where all the leaves are wordless and you will utterly be forgotten.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Dear Peach

Who knows the gains of valor, and if a leaf is blown to space by society's arm what will be its purpose? And if a child finds its way between us how shall we name it. Who can tell that it will dry my heart that now turns to a river.

Who else knows the troubles that afflicts us... and the sea of emotions we feel each waving wave is a feeling in intself.

So what will you do between now and 32 if you find your man then and if I find mine what are we to do?

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Quote # 3

I know if it's you and me. It's just going to be you and me. All the way baby.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

About the sea and whatever was in it.

My feet are resting high on the edge of a katig,
lucky to never ever be sea sick. 

A few seconds ago the horizon was limiting my vision,
and now I'm submerged stretching my breath unto rubber tubes and metal tanks.

And my eyes is dazzled
with colors unavailable to the ordinary tropical sky. 

Yellow coral green, neon echinoderm purple, and clown milky white and orange and an abyss darker than the night. 

but the sea is infinitely bigger, beyond the feet of lovers,
saltwater waves wash away, surfboards, sunblock, my flip flops and 

very precisely whatever we want it to wash away. 

The sand beneath the earth is wet and dry,
the mangrove roots are wet and dry, these hearts between tides
are actually never flat, they are always singing spot on note,

and we are all deeply drowned by it's majesty,
an expanse reflecting the universe into our hearts,
and sometimes simply feeding our bellies

with sushi, uni and seaweed. 

For Michael

You never really caught my
eye baby, yet I listened with
my heart,

Because everytime,
you entered my field
of vision babe,
madly I fell into your depth,

So It must be your voice babe
or something else I can't see,

It must be your personality
babe warm like the sea,

It must be something unseen
babe that captivated me.

And today I miss you babe,
And my memory tries,

to remember the time babe,
when you were so close beside me

and specially when your legs
criss crossed into mine/d.