Sunday, May 01, 2016

Poem 1 | 2 years | 01 MAY

2 years

Our skins collided noisily under the sheets that wrapped our feet together and your foot woke me up today - Randomly I felt like it was a day in the beach

Where I imagined your eyes were set
And as always your arms, afixed to the horizons of my elbows
unhinged me from my restlessness,

And the waves brought ashore the many things we planned to do, from riding hot air balloons to decorating our flat and possibly adopting a cat

But most importantly what that day brought was a strong thought that overcame my doubts and desires

The one thought that arose - reminded myself that I am happy with you
wrapped around me every morning
and that being with you is one of the few things I am really good at.

Happy 2 years mahal.

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